All we need is time.

All we need is time.

On Father’s Day I had the pleasure of visiting Brendan’s Dad. While sitting on the back patio he told us a story that someone had asked him what the ideal gift was for a dad on father’s day. He replied “something simple that they’ll like, and time. Time is the real gift.“ Immediately this came … Continue reading

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Alone vs. Lonely

In the blue corner, tipping the scale toward emotional maturity and self-awareness, we have Alone!  His strengths are self-sufficiency, fortitude, and forcing you to think about uncomfortable things.  His weaknesses are teamwork and being a source comfort when you’re down.  Aaaand in the red corner, weighing in at one bucket of tears, is Lonely!  He … Continue reading

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How to Ping + Pong

Unless you’re this guy, playing ping-pong is about fun rallies. And it seems pretty straightforward, right? Tap the ball over the net, then tap it back. I was recently reminded, however, that tending to lively balls with a firm surface can result in some volatile interactions. (*Snickers*) Inappropriate jokes aside, ping-pong is a great analogy … Continue reading